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TV Shows - Just the Ten of Us

A spin-off of Growing Pains, Just the Ten of Us is about Coach Lubbock and his large family after they move from Long Island to Eureka, California, where Lubbock takes a job at St. Augustine's Academy, an all-boys private Catholic school. The show aired from 1988 to 1990. From the second season on, it shifted to focusing mainly on the four oldest daughters.

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1 Never Boned Still rocks.
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2 Too Much Singing When in doubt, sing!
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3 The Lubbock girls are tramps. Even the one who wants to be a Nun is a tramp!
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4 Day 1 Sucked from the start.
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5 Spinoff of a lame show Did Growing Pains really need a spinoff?
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Just the Ten of Us Comments (You must Login to Comment)

1 I loved this show! I almost forgot about it. Now I can recall it's awesome "charms." Boy would I have loved to grow in that household. The Lubbock Babes ruled! -- Submitted By: (Englebert) on January 30, 2014, 10:43 pm - (8 votes) - Login to Vote
2 I'm with DaChicoMann. This quickly became one of my favorites growing up. I became a fan of Just the Ten of Us because of the cute girls, but began enjoying it's simple charms. The casting was great, everyone was perfect together. I really liked the coach, he was fun and likeable, the three oldest girls were great and easy on the eyes, and Heather Langenkamp was my favorite Lubbock girl. I would have preferred if the second season remained about the entire family dynamic, rather than the older girls zany adventures, but I enjoyed it anyhow. Unfortunately it didn't last long enough to fully develop. -- Submitted By: () on February 19, 2012, 12:54 am - (4 votes) - Login to Vote
3 Just the fact that this was a spinoff of Growing Pains is enough of a reason for boning -- Submitted By: (John63btf) on November 30, 2011, 4:41 pm - (-3 votes) - Login to Vote
4 This show took the whole "kids sing to get family out of trouble" concept that started with the Brady Bunch to a whole different level. Every other episode, the girls were singing for some reason and it always seemed to save the day. Oh well, good late 80s eye candy I guess. -- Submitted By: (kingbk) on October 20, 2010, 5:31 pm - (2 votes) - Login to Vote
5 This show never BTF, it was great from beginning to end. It's too bad it got cancelled because of NETWORK POLITICS (stupid ABC). I remember looking forward to my LUBBOCK BABE fix every friday, then all of a sudden it was gone. I always thought Cindy Lubbock (JAMIE LUNER) was the prettiest girl on television!!! -- Submitted By: (DaChicoMann) on August 7, 2009, 9:12 pm - (2 votes) - Login to Vote

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