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Random Topics - Gasoline Alley [Comic Strip]

Starting sporadically in 1918 in Chicago as a strip that highlighted the still-new obsession with motor cars (and as a means to take everyone's minds off tail end of The Great War [AKA World War One], this strip initially concentrated on a group of mechanics and wannabee friends clustered around a single back alley in a city street.Originally, a peripheral gag-getter to the other characters the hugely overweight buffoon bachelor,Walt Wallet found his life(and the strip) irreparably changed on February 14,1921 when he discovered a baby boy left on his doorstep of unknown parentage with a note imploring Walt to care for him. Despite having no previous domestic skills whatsoever, the young mechanic Walt decides to take on the task of become the baby's parent and names him Skeezix - a slang term for an orphan calf! Soon Walt employs a nanny/ housekeeper named Rachel to help tend to Skeezix. Although, Rachel was drawn to look more like a minstrel show's version of an African-American housekeeper and she did engage in a few lamentable stereotypical gags typical for humor of that era (the early 1920's), her heart was gold and she proved to be a steady maternal influence on the growing boy. With a baby at hand, Walt attracted his share of women admirers but he resisted all offers to get him to propose an instant family for them until the comely young 'grass widow' Mrs. Phyllis Blossom moved nearby and showed a strong interest in Skeezix. Initially Mrs. Blossom (Auntie Blossom to Skeezix) was considered hot stuff by the Gasoline Alley men but with catty suspicion by their wives (and she seemed to live far more comfortably than the rest of them) and she had an odd link to Skeezix's mysterious biological mother Mme. Octave. Still, after some misunderstandings and adventures, Walt and Phyllis were free to marry each other in 1926 and in 1928 ,having spent the entire last trimester of her pregnancy concealed from the shoulders down by a wide range of objects, Phyllis bore their only biological child Corky! As dramatic (and even soapy) as the strip could be, it still had much fun with new wonders of the postwar,Jazz Age world. Radio, crossword puzzles, movies as well as the original interest in automobiles were highlighted as each new technology progressed. Also, lengthy vacations to actual US locales once the province of only the very wealthy but after WWI enjoyed by the middle class via cars and newly constructed paved highways were amongst the highlights the strips' fans enjoyed. With the Depression, the road trips became a bit more restrictive and Skeezix's opulent inheritance from his mysterious bio-parents became something never again mentioned as Skeezix grew to teenhood and had to join the swollen workforce. Meantime, Skeezix and his brother Corky were joined by a baby sister named Judy who'd been abandoned inside Walt's locked car by her own biological mother in the process of divorcing her first husband for another man who didn't want the baby! Both Corky and Judy called Walt and Phyllis Pop and Mom yet Skeezix would always address them as Uncle Walt and Auntie Blossom even after both became his indisputable legal parents! Also, by the Depression, Walt was considered a pillar of the Alley community while Phyllis simultaneously became a respected matron to the other Alley wives who were now her friends while showing more evidence of a temper to Walt than when they had courted. World War II would lead to Skeezix becoming the very first US American comic strip character to join the military and during a furlough in 1944, he'd wed his longtime sweetheart Nina Clock(with his bio mother Mme. Octave making her last appearance at their wedding reception). Skeezix also became wounded in action and the strip's fans had some anxious weeks worrying about the character they'd literally followed from infancy. But, he was to come home unscathed and in 1945 became a father himself with the birth of a son called Chipper. Soon he took over the Alley garage while Walt semi-retired. From this point on, the begats would happen quite a bit, the original Alley gang would hang on for a very long time and all the Wallet Family would age in real time until 2004 when Phyllis died well past 100 years of age- and it was only after her death that correspondence revealed that she had been, in fact, Mme. Octave's sister making her and Walt Skeezix's actual aunt and uncle! As of 2009 with Skeezix being 88 and Walt being somewhere around 110, the strip still continues with its forth cartoonist helming it but on a much smaller scale (and interest) than in times past!

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1 Am I the only person who wonders why this terribly unfunny comic strip is still going on? Its not funny and never was! -- Submitted By: (Mr.Zimpy) on January 2, 2011, 5:47 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote

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