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Celebrities - McLean Stevenson

McLean Stevenson is best known for his role as Lt. Colonel Henry Blake on the first three seasons of M*A*S*H. Stevenson left at the end of the third season, tired of playing a second-fiddle role to wisecracking Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda). The writers reluctantly produced an exit story which aired as the third-season finale: Blake was discharged and was on his way home, only to be killed along with everyone else on board when his plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. Stevenson later admitted that leaving M*A*S*H was a mistake, and was upset that Blake's death prevented him from ever returning to the show. Stevenson's post-M*A*S*H work included starring in several unsuccessful sitcoms (most notably, "Hello, Larry"); guest-starring in shows such as "The Love Boat," "The Golden Girls," and "Diff'rent Strokes"; and appearing as a regular panelist on "Match Game." However, nothing even came close to the success of M*A*S*H, Stevenson died on February 15, 1996, of cardiac arrest -- ironically, just one day before Roger Bowen, who played Henry Blake in the M*A*S*H movie, died of the same cause.

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1 There is even a term for a career that goes nowhere after leaving a successful show: McLeaning. -- Submitted By: (jimdcarter) on May 31, 2013, 4:09 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
2 Leaving M*A*S*H was a career-killing mistake for Stevenson, and he admitted as much. His post-M*A*S*H guest appearances didn't trigger any fish-bonings, so Stevenson isn't in the same category as Ted McGinley. But in everything he STARRED in after that, Stevenson had the Sadim touch ("Midas" spelled backwards). "Hello, Larry" ALONE justifies Stevenson's status as a Patron Saint nominee! -- Submitted By: (Mythigator) on July 17, 2009, 1:45 pm - (3 votes) - Login to Vote

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