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TV Shows - Figure It Out

Figure It Out was a television game show hosted by Summer Sanders that originally aired on Nickelodeon. Kids with special skills or unique achievements compete as contestants on the show while a panel of four Nickelodeon celebrities compete against the clock as they try to guess the predetermined phrase that describes the contestant's talent. It is considered a loose adaptation of What's My Line?, I've Got a Secret, and To Tell the Truth.Either three or all four panelists were taken from Nickelodeon shows at the time. Regulars on the panel included Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg (she left the show in season 3) and Danny Tamberelli of The Adventures of Pete and Pete. The first seat on the panel was usually an older panelist, either an older actor from Nickelodeon (usually Kevin Kopelow from All That) or a non-Nickelodeon celebrity. At one time, CatDog (a nicktoon) guest starred as one of the panelists.Due to the popularity of the show, two spin-offs occurred. Figure It Out: Family Style (season 3; Autumn, 1998) featured 2 contestants who were related, typically parent-child or sibling-sibling; sometimes the panel would be surprised by seeing the aforementioned contestant's relative jump into the game. Figure It Out: Family Style also featured "Little Billy," a miniature version of Billy on wheels with hair. If the panelists figured out the contestants' secret, they would bring out Little Billy. The panelists had to guess the one (impossible) question on Little Billy, therefore giving the contestant another chance to win a prize (usually Figure It Out apparel). Figure It Out: Wild Style (season 4; Autumn, 1999) featured solely talents involving animals; during these episodes, Billy the Answer Head was reshaped as an animal, including Billy the 'Aaaan'swer Goat, or Billy the Enormous Answer Elephant.

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