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Movie Series - Boogeyman, The (1980 film)

The Boogeyman is a 1980 horror film directed by Ulli Lommel. As children, Willy and Lacey watch their mother with her lover and are punished for it. Willy is gagged and tied to a bed but Lacey frees him and he proceeds to stab the man to death. When they grow up, they see their mother's lover in the mirrors. They smash the mirrors, but the broken shards they fail to collect glow red or shine, and deaths occur from unseen forces. A sequel, of sorts, was made in 1983, directed by Bruce Starr and written by Lommel and the original film's star, Suzanna Love. In The Boogeyman 2, Lacey is approached by a group of Hollywood phonies to make a movie based on her experiences. One by one, the phonies are killed by the mirror spirit. Boogeyman 2 is padded with many flashback sequences from the first film. Return of The Boogeyman (or Boogeyman 3) was released in 1994.

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