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Moral Orel is a stop-motion animated program that takes place in the fictional city of Moralton, in the fictional U.S. state "Statesota," which is made up of most of Kansas, western Missouri, north Oklahoma, and a portion of Arkansas. According to the globe shown in the opening credits, Moralton is in the exact center of the United States, with the town's church at the exact center of the town (and therefore the country). The main character is Orel Puppington, a student at Alfred G. Diorama Elementary School, who constantly tries to live by the Protestant Christian moral code as articulated in church or by his father, Clay. Orel naively follows this "code" to its logical extreme, with consistently disastrous results. Overall the show seems to be a critique of the WASP archetype. The episode named "The Best Christmas Ever" aired first although it was produced to be the finale of Season One. It aired out of order to coincide with the Christmas holidays.

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1 There is a local Christian TV station that still shows those ancient Davey and Goliath episodes. My buddy and me started watching them while partaking of a certain herb and found them hysterical. Then we saw Moral Orel and realized we weren't the only stoners around that found Davey and Goliath to be totally awesome. Art Clokey, the hip genius who created Gumby also made D&G and filled the stories with twisted little jokes, like one episode when Davey was playing football with some boys and one of them told Davey to bend over. The scene showed the older boy pressing against Davey's rear end and grunting. Only after several seconds could you see the football and Davey was supposed to hike it. Hysterical! The talking dog had all the smarts and Davey was a complete dumbass. I think Moral Orel IS Davey and Goliath the way Art Clokey really wanted to make it. -- Submitted By: (martymarty) on August 23, 2014, 8:35 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote

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