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Movie Series - Like Mike

Like Mike is a 2002 movie starring Lil' Bow Wow as Calvin, Morris Chestnut as Tracy, Jonathan Lipnicki as Murph, and Brenda Song as Reg. Calvin dreams of being adopted with his friends Murph and Reg. At a basketball game involving the Los Angeles Knights (based on the Lakers), they meet the coach, who is impressed with Calvin's knowledge of basketball, and gives him and his friends tickets to the game. At a thrift store, Calvin obtains a pair of sneakers with the initials "MJ" on them, convinced they once belonged to Michael Jordan. A bully named Ox takes the sneakers and throws them on a powerline. Later that night, during a rainstorm, Calvin goes to retrieve the sneakers, but is struck by lightning in the process. At the game, Calvin is called to go one on one against Tracy. When he ties his shoes, he whispers, "Make me like Mike". Calvin makes a dunk with the talent of a professional player. Like Mike 2: Streetball was the 2006 direct-to-video sequel. It featured no stars from the first film.

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