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Boston Public - TV Shows
This show was one of the shows I immediatly think of having Boned the Fish... In its first season it was one of the BEST dramas ever. Come season two FOX ordered the producers to focus on the STUDENTS instead of the teachers and added Jeri Ryan for sex appeal eclipsing the defacto female lead Lauren Daniel played by Jessalyn Gilsig into the back ground and worse made the HOOK LADY a regular. Jesues H. Chrysler! It was bad after that. There was one good episode afterwards where the teachers shared Thanksgiving Dinner and it felt almost like season one again. That episode was the rare exception like the Return of Starbuck was the only good episode of Galactica 1980. -- Submitted By: (AC) on March 23, 2009, 8:49 pm

Facts of Life, The - TV Shows
The biggest BONING moment was at the end of the first season when they got rid of four of the orginal girls including smokin' hot Sue Ann and kept Natalie...freaking Natalie! Then the dorm was dispensed with and the girls lived over the cafeteria with the thuggish Jo who caused the second BONE by ruining the show with her physical threats of violence against Blair. The third BONING came when the entire EASTLAND setting was abandoned and the girls moved in with Mrs Garret in her shop. The final BONE came when they made no pretense of being in upstate NY when the girls learned to drive in a hearse that did sport the orange NY license plates of the era but all the other cars had the California blue plates and I assure you that there are NO PALM TREES IN PEEKSKILL but we saw plenty of them during the driving episode. -- Submitted By: (AC) on March 20, 2009, 7:21 pm


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