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Who said you can't coin your own term? What is "Boning the Fish"? It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite TV Show, Celebrity, Movie Series or Music Group has reached its peak. That instant you know from now on...it's all downhill. Some call it a climax of sorts. We call it "Boning the fish". From that moment on things will simply never be the same.

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JumptheShark.com - Websites
I took at look at the "Scottish Site" this week- and man, it is just embarrassing at this point. The last update was like 7 months ago. Sad, Sad, Sad. -- Submitted By: (Chubby Rain) on September 6, 2010, 2:51 pm

JumptheShark.com - Websites
You used to work for JTS? That's cool! BTF should make a Stump the Shark analogue someday. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on September 6, 2010, 11:08 am

Kmart - Random Topics
One KMart I visited had only one checkout lane open. Luckily, there was a small line, but still. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on September 6, 2010, 11:03 am

Sagging - Random Topics
Soon, we hope. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on September 6, 2010, 11:01 am

Angel - TV Shows
Just started watching this and Buffy on Netflix, never was interested when they were on TV. Have to say I was doubtful Angel could have a series around the character but the first 2 seasons were pretty good. Around the middle of the 3rd season they really messed up the dynamic and then slowly, episode by episode dismantled the entire series. What made it a good show was the mixture of the anti-hero as the hero with the rag-tag team bonding together to make their own little family. Strange family, but still one that cared about each other and fought side-by-side. Some interesting characters (Lorne, Cordy, Fred, Doyle) Stopped watching towards the end of S3, caught a few S4 and S5 episodes, then just read the recap of the series finale on Wiki. Glad I did waste my time. I'm just choosing to pretend Angel went off the air after Connor was born. -- Submitted By: (elizacron) on September 6, 2010, 12:22 am

Sagging - Random Topics
When will this fad die? -- Submitted By: (MCS) on September 5, 2010, 10:00 pm

State Fairs - Random Topics
State fairs are a good indication of who in the music business is washed-up. It's pretty sad who comes out of the woodwork to perform at these. -- Submitted By: (MCS) on September 5, 2010, 9:58 pm

Squirrels - Random Topics
I have not had a squirrel knock out my power, but I think animals are a stupid thing to have om this site. -- Submitted By: (MCS) on September 5, 2010, 9:54 pm

Bowl Championship Series (BCS) - Random Topics
I hate the names of these. The corporate takeover it sickening. -- Submitted By: (MCS) on September 5, 2010, 9:52 pm

Kmart - Random Topics
The nice thing about Kmart is they don't have the long lines like Wal-Mart. -- Submitted By: (MCS) on September 5, 2010, 9:48 pm

George Carlin - Celebrities
George Carlin was very funny. He never did lose his edge. The only problem I had was that he spent too much time griping about religion. -- Submitted By: (MCS) on September 5, 2010, 9:43 pm

Gmail - Websites
I love using the Mail program that came with my Mac to check my gmail inbox. Thanks, free POP3 integration! Never boned. -- Submitted By: (MorbidDuck) on September 5, 2010, 6:13 pm

Sports Night - TV Shows
I WISH they would come out with this on DVD without the freaking laugh track. The writing is classic Aaron Sorkin, but man that laugh track is really horrid. -- Submitted By: (AmyMcAwesome) on September 5, 2010, 1:57 pm

All in the Family - TV Shows
I noticed as the series moved on, Archie became less of a stubborn bigot and seemed to see things from Meathead's point of view every so often. And I've only watched all episodes from the first six seasons on DVD - season 7 is due out somewhere in the next couple of months (thanks Shout Factory!). -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on September 5, 2010, 8:58 am

18 Kids and Counting - TV Shows
By the time menopause sets in, they'll probably have 25 kids at least. The Duggars are proving nothing by pumping out kid after kid year after year and exploiting them on TV. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on September 5, 2010, 8:55 am

Kate Gosselin - Celebrities
A real harridan if I ever heard of one. She can go rot in the gutter for all I care. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on September 5, 2010, 8:53 am

Dixie Chicks - Music Groups
Boned when Natalie opened her big mouth and spewed that vitriol about Bush while performing on the other side of the pond. Guess nobody told them that loose lips sink ships. I would have given them a chance if they kept their political opinions to themselves, but now...FORGET IT. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on September 5, 2010, 8:48 am

Y2K Bug, The - Random Topics
A total farce if you ask me. All that hysteria and panic over absolutely nothing was laughable. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on September 5, 2010, 8:46 am

Code Pink - Random Topics
Never heard of them until I registered on BTF. Strange they've remained silent ever since Obama's inauguration. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on September 5, 2010, 8:43 am

Adam Sandler - Celebrities
Sandler's a bit of a hit-and-miss type - a couple of personal favorites are Little Nicky, 8 Crazy Nights, and Happy Gilmore. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on September 5, 2010, 8:36 am

Jackass - TV Shows
Which will be in 3D. -- Submitted By: (MacFan95) on September 5, 2010, 8:13 am

Jackass - TV Shows
Just when I thought that everyone had forgotten about this horrible gross-out fest of a show, I hear that there is going to be a third movie. -- Submitted By: (JayD) on September 4, 2010, 10:38 pm

Adam Sandler - Celebrities
His movies are hit and miss but mostly miss. However, I did like 50 First Dates. -- Submitted By: (JayD) on September 4, 2010, 10:25 pm

Hawaii Five-O - TV Shows
Jack Lord's ("Steve McGarret") hair never moved, nor did he ever break a sweat. He was just so cool that Danno did all the grunt work, like chasing down the criminals and tackling them. -- Submitted By: (Stephanie) on September 4, 2010, 12:27 pm

JumptheShark.com - Websites
I worked on the website for jts, first just as a commenter but then I started handling the "Stump the Shark" questions before all of the websites about television and wikipedia existed, and that earned me a chance to be a moderator for the site's ancillary newsgroup (that, surprisingly, actually still exists - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jumptheshark/ ) Reading through that group's message board is a little bit like the old site, and I see that some of the BTF people have been active there as well. Obviously, the problem was TV Guide was completely clueless about how to make the site work for them. Why they didn't consult with Hein about it is a mystery, but then again, TV Guide (who had the market cornered on presenting television facts and giving the listings for FOREVER) lost its way with that as well. I submitted an article to them about 30 Rock being the new Mary Tyler Moore a year into that show's run... I consider it a badge of honor that they rejected it! CLUELESS! -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 4, 2010, 10:07 am

Quark - TV Shows
Brilliant parody of S/F shows, most especially "Star Trek," with Richard Benjamin as the overly earnest title character: the captain of a space garbage scow, and his ridiculous crew of bizarre characters! The show stood on its own as funny, but the more you knew about other programs and film of its genre, the more hilarious it was! With all of the SyFy "important" series that have been airing, and in the wake of all of the more recent "Trek" shows and films, we are more than ready for a program like this one to return and skewer the universe with some hilarious attacks!@ -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 4, 2010, 9:12 am

Oprah Winfrey Show, The - TV Shows
Good theory Dean of NY about the $cientology/Oprah connection. -- Submitted By: (Chubby Rain) on September 4, 2010, 8:19 am

Jon Hein - Celebrities
DeanofNYC- email Jon Hein about BTF- he did meekly address the JTS sellout- we posted it on the Jump the Shark page on this site- read up on it! -- Submitted By: (Chubby Rain) on September 4, 2010, 8:18 am

Oprah Winfrey Show, The - TV Shows
All I really want to know is what the Scientology connection is with Oprah. She has repeatedly called John Travolta "her best friend," and always has him on to plug his latest film. She has had Tom Cruise on with that couch jumping display, and then a follow up two part episode to "explain" that. And Kirstie Alley came on to show off her weight loss. All three of them are noted Scientologists. So, is there a connection to Oprah with this? It seems fishy, if you catch my drift. -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 4, 2010, 1:40 am

Ernie Kovacks Show, The - TV Shows
This show can't be too popular... we aren't even bothering to spell the star's name correctly! But Kovacs was an incredible innovator, and really was the father of "Late Night with David Letterman," as Letterman's original announcer Bill Wendell, was a player on the Kovacs show and no doubt brought some of the concepts in to NBC's original "Late Night" cast. Letterman definitely fancied himself a latter day Kovacs with his cigar smoking and pension for the odd, and of course his fascination with chimps. -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 4, 2010, 1:29 am

Jon Hein - Celebrities
I think we should be completely fair. Hein came up with a good idea, everyone else jumped on board and it blew up. He wrote a book, which may have been a questionable point. He was a regular guest on Howard Stern to discuss it, eventually getting hired by Stern. And TV Guide bought the site, where they totally dismantled it and destroyed everything about it. Hein wasn't really a businessman, so he didn't know not to give some corporate entity full rights to destroy his concept/website. But he got a great payday from it. And really, there must be a reason he doesn't discuss it: probably a gag order from criticizing TV Guide in exchange for the big payoff and the job as a TV critic for them, when they still had anything going on... I guess I'm most disappointed that he never returns my emails anymore. -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 4, 2010, 1:21 am

Lexx - TV Shows
In its finest moments, Lexx sometimes recalled elements of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and "Red Dwarf" and believe me, that's very high praise. But those moments were fewer and fewer by the time that Xev first switched actors and then, even worse, went from redhead to blond! After that point, it was all nonsense, the storylines had no logic and when they came to Earth, there really was nowhere for the show to go. -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 3, 2010, 11:47 pm

Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, The - TV Shows
A brilliant show that, as most brilliant shows in TV History, got dealt a really bad fate. Blair Brown was the modern 80s woman, who really didn't have her act together, but had a lot of help from a lot of odd people like her doorman/elevator man, her mom, her best friend and even her sanitation man (played by show creator Jay Tarses). She stumbled her way through her Upper West Side life, got into a love triangle with an undercover detective and a bookseller, while her ex, a saxophonist, just wouldn't leave her alone. It premiered on NBC then got switched over to Lifetime before finally being canned, another show that deserves a DVD release and will likely never get one! -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 3, 2010, 11:39 pm

Bradys, The - TV Shows
I think "The Bradys" *could* have worked as a drama, but they made this so self-important, with Mike's candidacy, and the soap-opera style story lines, as if they were the Ewing family of "Dallas," it was completely laughable. Now imagine if they blended Robert Reed's actual storyline into this series. Wow. That would have been powerful and worthwhile. But they didn't so, this was a total mess. -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 3, 2010, 11:33 pm

UFO - TV Shows
UFO was made in the late 1960s and that shows, with the girls of Moonbase Alpha in their purple pastel wigs and silver outfits. Commander Straker favored wearing a nehru suit, and the gull wing door car that everybody drove echoed the Delorean we would come to see when the 1980s actually arrived! Far fetched but stylish plots and great Gerry Anderson special fx made this worth viewing, but I do wish we could have had more interaction with the aliens attempting to land on Earth. This show was basically like the video game Space Invaders, so at least that was accurate for the 1980s! -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 3, 2010, 11:29 pm

Fred (YouTube) - Celebrities
Day one. Enough said. -- Submitted By: (MorbidDuck) on September 3, 2010, 7:21 pm

Kolchak: The Night Stalker - TV Shows
A really fun, campy, sometimes funny show. The interaction between Kolchak and Vincenzo is worth watching nearly episode for. McGavin is likeable and believable in the character, and despite the over-the-top plots, he manages to pull it off without taking anything too seriously. -- Submitted By: (HistoryProf) on September 3, 2010, 2:02 pm

BEATLES, The - Music Groups
Drwhorox: You just don't like them. There's probably no way to ever explain why other people do. I love them. That's music for you! It's a matter of taste. Enjoy what you like, and let others enjoy what they do. What you find annoying about the Beatles, others love. I don't think most Beatles fans are as intolerant as the vocal minority who get so much attention, by the way. Most of us just love music. To each his own. -- Submitted By: (HistoryProf) on September 3, 2010, 1:17 pm

Garth Brooks - Music Groups
Well, he keeps announcing that he's retiring then eventually releases a CD or goes on tour. Never was a big country music fan (though oddly enough, I DJ'd for a country station for a number of years), but I liked quite a few of GB's singles. -- Submitted By: (Friedrich_Feuerstein) on September 3, 2010, 9:52 am

Rowan Atkinson - Celebrities
When I told my friend the person who voiced Zazu on the Lion King was the same person who played Mr. Bean, she was surprised. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on September 3, 2010, 7:38 am

Only Fools and Horses - TV Shows
I would love to see OF&H someday. Do any channels air it, or should I buy the DVDs? -- Submitted By: (Robert) on September 3, 2010, 7:37 am

Evanescence - Music Groups
Another band that won a best new artist Grammy and then faded from sight. To me, they just didn't have any staying power. -- Submitted By: (JayD) on September 2, 2010, 10:58 pm

Small Faces - Music Groups
The Small Faces were criminally underrated. In the US, they are considered to be one hit wonders with "Itchycoo Park," but they had many more great songs that should have been American hits too, like "Tin Soldier," "Here Comes the Nice," and "Lazy Sunday." -- Submitted By: (JayD) on September 2, 2010, 10:41 pm

Garth Brooks - Music Groups
The Chris Gaines album was horrible and full of unmemorable songs. They even did a mock Behind the Music about him. If he had been a real person, I doubt very much he'd be a superstar as depicted in the mockumentary. And what ever happened to Garth anyway? It's been ages since his last album. -- Submitted By: (JayD) on September 2, 2010, 10:28 pm

In Search of... - TV Shows
Oh snap! William Shatner (no less) is debuting HIS new show Weird or What right now on History Channel. It's pretty much another of the shows like those other imitators of In Search Of. He's doing a segment on "green ice"" now. -- Submitted By: (baldrick) on September 2, 2010, 6:27 pm

Perils of Penelope Pitstop, The - TV Shows
Oh, ya know? Wasn't he great? I thought he was the best underratd cartoon villain ever. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 2, 2010, 4:51 pm

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - TV Shows
Had its weak spots, but this show was still about to the power of ten funnier than the horribly overrated "Thirty Rock", Tina Fey's bastardized ripoff of it. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 2, 2010, 4:45 pm

Apple Inc. - Random Topics
"Yesterday, Apple jumped onto the social networking bandwagon with iTunes Ping...." Awwwww crap. Now I suppose my employer will take away our access to iTunes now. -- Submitted By: (Friedrich_Feuerstein) on September 2, 2010, 4:12 pm

Penguins of Madagascar, The - TV Shows
The show would be excellent, if the Lemurs didn't have so much screen time. I don't think I've ever seen an episode that focuses around the penguins, the characters that are in the title! -- Submitted By: (MorbidDuck) on September 2, 2010, 2:44 pm

Apple Inc. - Random Topics
Yesterday, Apple jumped onto the social networking bandwagon with iTunes Ping. I like Ping, but there are already spammers on it, and not may artists are on it. -- Submitted By: (MacFan95) on September 2, 2010, 1:02 pm

Stevie Nicks - Music Groups
fletch- I totally know what you mean about the voice. LOL!! I recall an old South Park episode where the boys are trying to sneak a goat onto a plane to take it back to Afganistan. The military corners the boys and questions them about what they are doing and about that time the goat lets out a bleat. The soldiers then think that the goat is Stevie Nicks going to Afganistan to entertain the troops so they let them on the plane. -- Submitted By: (Friedrich_Feuerstein) on September 2, 2010, 11:24 am

Little House on the Prairie - TV Shows
I'm white and I would never dream of cussing out a cop (though there have been a couple of times in my life I really wanted to)- for fear I would not only get the business end of a baton but also be calling my wife an hour or two later asking her to come down to the jail house to bail me out. Just sayin'. As for Little House on the Prairie, It was a decent way to kill a half hour or so. I always found it to be a little too sugary-sweet for my tastes, but there are worse shows on television. I met Dean butler once (he played Almanzo). -- Submitted By: (Friedrich_Feuerstein) on September 2, 2010, 11:20 am

Hell's Kitchen (U.S.) - TV Shows
I've never been a fan of 'reality' shows in general, but I simply cannot get into this one merely for the fact that I briefly worked in an upscale restaurant when I was in college. I left because I was tired of listening to the Chef and Souz Chef both throw temper tantrums and berate everyone within spitting distance at the slightest provokation. Why would I want to watch a show about that? -- Submitted By: (Friedrich_Feuerstein) on September 2, 2010, 11:01 am

UFO Hunters - TV Shows
Belongs in the same category as Monster Quest. They spend an entire hour talking in "whatif's" with an occasionally interesting actual interview with someone or a couple of photos, videos, etc... but for the most part, it's just repetitive "searching" for something they can't find. Hardly surprising, of course; if it was that easy, we wouldn't even be bothering to talk about it anymore. -- Submitted By: (HistoryProf) on September 2, 2010, 10:32 am

T.I. - Celebrities
T.I. has been released from prison and already he's in trouble again for using drugs. What a fool. -- Submitted By: (JayD) on September 2, 2010, 9:43 am

Only Fools and Horses - TV Shows
If you have never seen this show, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. The show was recently voted "Britain's Funniest Sitcom" in a London Times poll, and there's a reason why. It is an interesting blend of humor and sometimes touching semi-drama, and it's best to watch it from the beginning in order to really appreciate it as the characters develop. If you liked "Are you Being Served?" or "Keeping up Appearances", or any number of Britcoms, you will definitely love this -- guaranteed. -- Submitted By: (HistoryProf) on September 2, 2010, 9:08 am

Monster Quest - TV Shows
You're all cracking me up. So true! "If there really was an 'x', it would look like this... If we had actually encountered it, how truly terrifying it might have been..." Ha! -- Submitted By: (HistoryProf) on September 2, 2010, 9:03 am

Lou Grant - TV Shows
It never made sense to claim that this was the Lou Grant we all knew from the MTM show. He was nearly nothing like that character. Took itself entirely too seriously from the beginning -- a great example of a "spinoff" that showcases the vulnerability of a character who can't stand on his or her own. -- Submitted By: (HistoryProf) on September 2, 2010, 8:53 am

Joanie Loves Chachi - TV Shows
I know the producers needed to get creative when Howard left, but one would think they would have learned something after the fiasco of "singing Potsy". Let's face it, that girl looked more like Howdy Doody than Howard did. I could never understand why ANYBODY watched that thing. -- Submitted By: (HistoryProf) on September 2, 2010, 8:42 am

Rowan Atkinson - Celebrities
One of the funniest guys around. Blackadder and Mr. Bean are hilarious as are his characters in said shows. However, this guy almost never fails to make me smile or laugh in whatever he is in even if it is a complete stinker. That includes if it is only for his scene. Can't bone. -- Submitted By: (johnnydough) on September 1, 2010, 6:36 pm

Mork & Mindy - TV Shows
This show is a perfect way of illustrating just why you thought Robin Williams was hilarious when you were 14 years old--and why you no longer think he's hilarious 33 years later. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 5:18 pm

Benson - TV Shows
Boned for me when Lewis J. Stadlen (who played the Gov's rodenty little assistant) left and was replaced by Rene Auberjonois as Clayton Endicott III. Auberjonois could be funny as hell sometimes, but the character was repetitive and the writers didn't give him enough to do other than snark off at Benson. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 5:13 pm

Baggy Pants and the Nitwits - TV Shows
Oh god, this show was painful. Just give me reruns of "Laugh-In" please. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 5:05 pm

Herman's Head - TV Shows
Every episode in a nutshell: Herman sees a 'hot girl'. Herman has nekkid fantasies about said 'hot girl'. Nekkid fantasies can be shown in rather more explicit detail on cable tv than on the networks. Hilarity supposedly ensues. For this viewer, it never did. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 5:02 pm

What a Country! - TV Shows
Yakov Smirnoff was neither Russian nor funny. Why, after the painfully humorless guest stints he did on the otherwise hilarious "Night Court", network execs though it would be a really great idea to give Mr. S. his own show just goes a little ways towards explaining why so much of network television has always sucked and always will. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 4:59 pm

Ernie Kovacks Show, The - TV Shows
Three words: The Nairobi Trio. 'Nuff said. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 4:53 pm

AfterMASH - TV Shows
Actually, I never thought the show was that bad; it got better in the second season, when they replaced J.O. Saunder's character with the one played by David Ackroyd. Ackroyd's character was clearly initially intended to be an analog to Hawkeye Pierce, but Ackroyd was a good enough actor to make the character his own; it's too bad the series ended up being canceled before he really had a chance to go very far with it. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 4:43 pm

ABC Afterschool Special - TV Shows
"Something About Amelia" and "Adam" were both made-for television movies. Neither of them were ever aired on "Afterschool Special". -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 4:38 pm

Kolchak: The Night Stalker - TV Shows
C'mon, it was a guilty pleasure even then. I know the closing shot in every ep (Kolchak sitting in the darkened newsroom, typing up the story and giving a recap) used to really spook the bejeebers out of me. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 4:34 pm

Six Feet Under - TV Shows
How can a TV show "push its agenda down your throat"? I mean, if you don't like what you're seeing, you turn it off and don't watch. End of story, I would think. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 3:49 pm

Perry Mason (TV series) - TV Shows
"Why did D.A. Burger keep his job. Lose that many cases and you are bound to be fired." Lileks.com has a funny segment on PM on the site--his guess is that Burger successfully prosecuted all the *real* murderers that Perry had unmasked. Based on that theory, Burger probably had a 110% conviction rate, and could count on being DA until the time they had to pry his cold, dead body out of the office. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 3:46 pm

Quantum Leap - TV Shows
I still like the show for Dean Stockwell-- I've always liked him as an actor and I thought his character was pretty cool. But, to be honest, watching some eps on DVD a few weeks ago I realized that the show overall hasn't held up all that well. -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 3:41 pm

One Day at a Time - TV Shows
Actually, I thought Ann's husband *had* cheated on her; I seem to remember jokes that centered around his (apparently pretty frequent) infidelities. And didn't he end up getting married again to some bimbo he was supposed have been stepping out with while he was still married to Ann? -- Submitted By: (elainewood) on September 1, 2010, 3:34 pm

Conservapedia - Websites
The funny thing about this website is you can't tell what articles are by trolls and what articles are by conservatives. -- Submitted By: (Just_a_Username) on September 1, 2010, 5:47 am

Fred (YouTube) - Celebrities
Robert, its Nickelodeon. What else do you expect from that cesspool?!? -- Submitted By: (PYLrulz) on September 1, 2010, 4:53 am

My So-Called Life - TV Shows
My So-Called Life was pure genius in that every character that appeared during the 19 episodes had a moment when they were a hero, or at least good, and a moment when they were a villain, or at least bad, and if you have that, you have some of the most well-rounded characters in television history! Not to mention some of the best writing and brilliant performances from every actor that appeared, and just great commentary about the state of the nation and the state of high school during the 1990s. Forever a classic! -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 1, 2010, 2:39 am

Gunsmoke - TV Shows
According to legend, When it was time to arrange the CBS Fall 1967 schedule, "Gunsmoke" was not on it. This came as a surprise and shock to the wife of a top CBS executive, since that was her favorite program on the network. and supposedly, to find a place for the show, they cancelled "Gilligan's Island" so there would be room! Though nobody on "Gunsmoke" was responsible for this travesty of television, they still get my full punishment for it! -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 1, 2010, 12:48 am

Lost - TV Shows
As much as I liked the concept of the show, as much as I liked nearly all of the characters and what they did, and how they all evolved and how the island had all of those secrets, the problem point occurred when the show stopped being all about that and started being about Jacob and Smokey/the man in black/jacob's brother. When that happened, everything changed to be about whatever it was they were doing and not about our Flight 815 castaways, or even "the others." And as for that ending, I was waiting for them to start singing "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" like at the end of "Mary Tyler Moore!" -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 1, 2010, 12:40 am

LazyTown - TV Shows
It\'s difficult to create a show that young kids, teens and adults can all watch, appreciate at their own levels and enjoy, but LazyTown definitely does it! It\'s like The Muppets meet Adam West\'s Batman, and who wouldn\'t like that? Plus, the songs from the show are all actually good, which is something that is rare indeed for a kid program, and the three main actors, series creator Magnus Scheving as Sportacus, little Julianna Rose Mauriello as Stephanie and the world\'s most hilarious villain, Stefa'n Karl Stefa'nsson as Robbie Rotten, are all brilliant! Plus great puppet work and a fantastic curved world that it all happens in make it amazingly cool and great fun! -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 1, 2010, 12:28 am

Greed - TV Shows
Greed was a case of trying to take advantage of a successful concept too soon. Who Wants to be a Millionaire had taken over the world for a few weeks and suddenly everyone wanted high stakes trivia games on their prime time lineup. The trouble was the rules of the game were not well formulated and designed to maximize the tension and to offer up a fair situation where someone might have won the big jackpot. They tweaked this when they added "the terminator" which randomly forced one player to challenge another to beat them out of their share of the pot. But even that wasn't enough. This show started wrong and never got right. -- Submitted By: (TheDeanofNYC) on September 1, 2010, 12:18 am

Steely Dan - Music Groups
"Aja" is one of the greatest albums of all time, IMHO -- Submitted By: (BrewMaster) on August 31, 2010, 8:37 pm

Baby Blues - TV Shows
Me too, kingbk. Bill Watterson was wise in that respect. And many others, may I add. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on August 31, 2010, 8:33 am

Glenn Beck - Celebrities
While I agree there are crazy rightists out there, I feel NOBODY should be compared to Bill Maher. He is a scumbag. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on August 31, 2010, 8:28 am

Fred (YouTube) - Celebrities
It's a shame that I'm starting to hear about Fred again. A few months ago, I thought that he faded into obscurity (like other pre-teen/teen stars), but now I'm hearing about him again. -- Submitted By: (cartooner) on August 30, 2010, 7:34 pm

Baby Blues - TV Shows
I enjoy this comic strip. It's one of the few in the paper today that is still tolerable. However, the cartoon series was awful. Too Hollywoodized with crude jokes, cliches, and obvious Family Guy/Simpsons references. I can see why Bill Watterson stuck to his guns about Calvin and Hobbes not being animated, the whole point of the strip would have been compromised like it was with this one. -- Submitted By: (kingbk) on August 30, 2010, 4:57 pm

Glenn Beck - Celebrities
I'm not a liberal (though some would suggest that since I support gay marriage, the separation of church and state, and question the effectiveness of most wars), but this guy is a bone-eating blowhard. His little charade in D.C. over the weekend was a disgrace. What scares me is how many people follow this guy so closely. You do know that while he preaches Christian values he is a Mormon convert... right? The divide between the fringe left and the fringe right is dangerous, and us normal folks in the middle or that lean slight left or slight right need to make sure neither hijacks our country for the purpose of their agenda. The religious right scares me just as much as the hippie left. Glenn Beck is nothing more than Bill Maher for the right. -- Submitted By: (kingbk) on August 30, 2010, 4:40 pm

Baby Blues - TV Shows
The show focused on the neighbors: a dumb father, a mother who's oblivious to the fact that her family is dysfunctional, a troublemaker son, a depressed daughter, and...a violently psychotic baby? Hmmm. Seems like they didn't know whether to rip off The Simpsons or Family Guy until someone jumped up and shouted "How about both?!" The comic's creators had little control over this. If they had full control, it wouldn't be anything like this piss-poor Simpsons/Family Guy rip off. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on August 30, 2010, 12:39 pm

Free Willy - Movie Series
Next up, Free Willy 5: Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd Weren't There in Time. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on August 30, 2010, 12:05 pm

Fred (YouTube) - Celebrities
Adding to that figure will be the upcoming made-for-TV Fred: The Movie. It will air on Nickelodeon. This "entertainment" industry just doesn't let up when it comes to dumbing us down. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on August 30, 2010, 10:55 am

Nintendo Power (magazine) - Random Topics
Nintendo Power was by and far a wonderful gaming magazine when it was unveiled in '88. But of course...time was a cruel mistress to it and other gaming magazines. With the advent of the Internet, magazines in general became obsolete. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on August 30, 2010, 10:25 am

George H. W. Bush - Celebrities
"And here's Bush. He said 'Read my lips' 'cause he was gonna be lying out of his ass!" --Gallagher -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on August 30, 2010, 10:11 am

Five Guys (restaurant) - Random Topics
Although the food is pricey and not the healthiest option out there, Five Guys ROCKS! -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on August 30, 2010, 7:26 am

Elvis Presley - Celebrities
Elvis was mostly before my time - he died when I was a year old. From what I've heard and read about him - he's clearly better than those who pollute the airwaves these days. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on August 30, 2010, 7:24 am

Fred (YouTube) - Celebrities
I hear Fred's creator rakes in roughly $150K a year because of this. Good grief. And all it consists of is a bunch of screaming, eye-rolling, and talking like he just inhaled a tank of helium. Doesn't take much to entertain people these days. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on August 29, 2010, 12:34 pm

Edward D. Wood Jr. - Celebrities
Although Ed Wood directed quite a few bad movies, he at least put forth a modicum of effort behind his work - something Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer could never do. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on August 29, 2010, 12:27 pm

Thanksgiving - Random Topics
Seems like nobody gives a damn about Thanksgiving anymore - they only look forward to it because the day after that, they're indulging in Black Friday specials. And before that, the Christmas commercials are on TV and radio, and the decorations are already being put up. Calling Thanksgiving "Turkey Day" is a real turkey of an idea if you ask me. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on August 29, 2010, 12:11 pm

Hannah Montana - TV Shows
Okay, what about the episode "Torn Between Two Hannahs" in which Miley plays both her regular role and the (DOM-DUM-DUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!) Evil Twin Cousin Luann Stewart? -- Submitted By: (JamesCraven) on August 29, 2010, 12:07 pm

Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog - TV Shows
This show was sooo silly that it alone has inspired countless youtube poops about Robotnik's "pingas" and Sonic's "hot sticky fluids" that I've yet to encounter any based around Sonic AM or Sonic Underground though I have seen one with sonic X. -- Submitted By: (Acobjum) on August 28, 2010, 8:16 pm

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1985) - TV Shows
While I really want to vote for "Nobody Dies" (even as a kid I knew no one's reflexes and parachutes were that good) I really feel like the death of all our beloved childhood cartoons came with "The Movie." If I ever saw a "The Movie" version of anything when I was younger I always knew my favorite characters were either going to be killed or raped into a new character for me to buy a new toy of and they would never be the same (DAMN YOU GOLD BUG!!!). Don't get me wrong, a lot of the movies were great but it usually signaled the end of the TV shows and if it didn't, it really should have. BTW, great point Travlotron, Resolute is awesome! Just don't be a character with a mustache in this movie; you might as well have a red shirt on. -- Submitted By: (dr_sarcastor) on August 28, 2010, 10:53 am

Ghost Hunters - TV Shows
I really liked this show when it first started due to the idea that these guys were going out and while investigating hauntings were also looking to disprove them. If they weren't able to disprove what they found then they might be left with the paranormal. They would have their team review the evidence, bring it to them, then shoot a bunch of stuff down and end up with very little evidence. Sometimes, there were episodes with nothing, no paranormal. As much as was always looking for them to find something it was kind of fulfilling to see them not find anything and assume this was a legit show. But apparently since this is television the audience is going to want to see something or hear some crap EVP on every episode so Jay and Grant seemed to have to lose their skepticism. This is where is stopped being good and started to do some serious Fish Boning. I still really love the show because I want to watch and see some really great piece of evidence but I'm usually left with crap EVPs and noises off camera. I'm thinking this bones right after the second or third season. -- Submitted By: (dr_sarcastor) on August 28, 2010, 10:37 am


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